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What is NIM?

NIM is the acronym for Navigating the Inner Matrix, a powerful, life-transforming Violet Flame home-study course.


The Navigating the Inner Matrix program offers you freedom from life challenges, miracle energetic experiences, and the grace-bestowing power of:

  • The Archangelic Realm
  • St. Germaine
  • Other Ascended Masters,
  • Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Archangelic Oracle Kira Raa
The 9 profound yet easy to complete lessons in this course provide a proven path for experiencing ever-refining levels of Joy, abundant vibrancy and self-expansion.  Gift yourself with the experience of enhanced physical and mental energy, while resolving ego-oriented dependencies as you learn how to fully integrate the Violet Flame into your life experience.

The Journey

In less than 3 short months your life will shift into a new abundant vibration offering you the gift of your true self-empowered spiritual abundance! 

During your journey you will receive the training and support you need to:

1.  Empower your true Self for maximum abundance and joy-filled living.
2.  Open and anchor your Quantum Self-Ascended Heart.
3.  Experience PEACE, LOVE, and JOY all the time…really.
4.  Increase and refine your telepathic powers and intuitive knowing.
5.  Gently resolve limiting emotional patterns and habitual patterns of perception.
6.  Fully awaken and remember your soul purpose and Divine knowing.
7.  Enjoy the abundance and bliss of a Soul-First life.
8.  Experience and embrace Sacred Union as you integrate the Violet Flame.

In simple terms, Navigating The Inner Matrix frees you to be YOU!

The Lessons

The 9 life-transforming lessons of Navigating The Inner Matrix are divided into three sections:

Section One—Peace:

Lesson 1—Moving Though Chaos
"In the Knowing, I simultaneously felt ecstasy and pain."

Lesson 2—Forgiveness & Healing
"Everything can be healed!"

Lesson 3—Embracing Fear To Find Peace
"Delight in everything. You are the embodiment of God."

Section Two—Love

Lesson 4—Creating Abundant Flow
"When you are finally able to break through the illusion you find the bliss, you find the abundance."

Lesson 5—Calling in Sacred Union
"In the world of duality, everything is a relationship. In the world of oneness, everything is love."

Lesson 6—Surrendering the Ego to Love
"The ego is the greatest, slyest pirate on the planet... it has no concern for your authentic self."

Section Three—Joy

Lesson 7—Manifestation & Trust: True Synergy
"If it does not look like love, it should not be done."

Lesson 8—Soul Nourishment and Living in Joy
"Fresh water, good nourishment, love, sacred union with a partner, these will all remove disease from you."

Lesson 9—Telepathy & Transparent Communication
"As oneness grows, as recognition grows, so does the love."

Course Versions

Navigating the Inner Matrix Violet Flame Training is available in several different versions.  Each version offers exactly the same content, differing only to fit your preferred delivery format (hard-copy or digital), language, coaching style and budget.

Click here to visit the "Which NIM is right for me?" page to find out which version is perfect for YOU!

Ascended Chakra Portrait

When we Ignite our Violet Flame presence, our chakras align in the Self-Ascended State.



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